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. right now crews are trying to fix the damage caused by a suspected drunk driver, we will tell you what led up to the crash and the history of this driver. this may not sit well with drivers and we will tell you about a report about oil companies potentially manipulating gas prices. what about the rain and the timing, that is coming up in the second hour of nice news.
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this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. welcome to a brand-new day i am dave clark. >> and good morning, thanks for joining us, steve paulson will give us the weather. >> clouds will be on the increase later today and -- increase later today, upper 60 and we will talk about this rain coming up in about five minutes, here is sal. good morning, highway 4 is getting slow especially on the way to antioch and pittsburgh. 880 so far looks good driving up to downtown oakland let's go back to the desk. tara moriarty is there in vallejo with the damage caused by the fire and why it may be part of a much larger
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investigation pam. police and fire are working together and they believe it is connected to a rash of fires that have been springing up through the city. it happened less than three hours ago. smoke and flames were shooting out of the bar where investigators believe somebody started it 3:00 a.m. this morning. the blaze caused $50,000 in damage. head to cut a hole in the roof and the flames melted the pool tables and beer signs inside. agencies from outside came in to help and they believe this latest work is the help of an arizona any of the. we tonight have any real reason. i can't speculate i tonight know why or what.
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>> reporter: now another fire broke out in an empty house off of alabama street and that fire was ignited outside of a door and caused $75,000 in damage. firefighters have seen a pattern in these fires and they are all lit outside of the building in the early morning hours. when we asked how close the targeted buildings were and he was up all night deal with theel become a fire. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man reported his friend disappeared on the college campus yesterday evening. less than an hour later searchers found the body of a man in his 20s. his friend identified him as the person missing. the victim was not affiliated
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with uc berkeley anteversioners do -- investigators do not think foul play was involved. new information involved on a suspect specialed drunk driver. more on this police chase and how it all ended, good morning claudine. >> reporter: if you take a look behind me being, you can see the signal lights are still out at this intersection which is one of the many repercussions of this chase. you can see crews are hard at work trying to fix the problem but it could take awhile checking out the damage left from that signal objection, it all handed on interstate 808.
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the officer tried to pull the driver over and she kept going. she pulled onto the street and the collisions began. the first on natomas and the second one on 15th and vanness. she hit a parked car and the man was walking his bike. fortunately the man is okay. chp said he suffered a bump and scrape and he was released from the hospital. the second collision, this is video right after the crash. this is when the driver lost control. and she is facing charges and an enhancement charges and the driver has at least three dwi convictions in the last two years. vanness is a busy street and they are working on the signal lights and in the meantime this is some of the damage.
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one of the officers who was out here said she actually took two laps and second time to coming back around she took out that signal light. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. and the latest on the bp oil spill, just within the last hour, we found out bp employees will face charges of man slaughter in connection with the explosion that killed 11 people. bp also agreed they would pay billions of dollars in penalties over that oil spill. they are tell us how much oil pour flood that oil well. and it could face new questions about recent spikes in gas prices. new research will be presented at this hearing, alex?
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>> reporter: as new information suggests drivers may have been paying more at a time when shell and chevron were supposedly shut down for maintenance and that's when gas prices spiked. there was a report prepared by oregon research. it will be at a state senate committee on bay area pans transportation. they found california refineries were out. those are the ones that deal chevron refinery in richmond and drivers were paying 50- cents more than the national average. we have calls put out to chevron and shell but we have
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not heard back thus far. that state senate committee meeting will get started in san francisco. all level savage -- alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. some good news this morning. this is great for people planning on driving to thanksgiving celebrations. the gas is down 80-cents in the last three months. they are still at the high hest prices and the auto club says they will continue to pay until thanksgiving. they are investigating the attack on the u.s. consulate and they want to know about the attack from the obama administration. right now we want to know about traffic from sal. >> okay. things have gotten a lot busier and i have mentioned on 17th
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and vanness, it will be a tough area and it will be out for most of the area with those signal lights. let's look at 808 westbound, -- 880 westbound, no major problems, the commute looks good getting up to the toll plaza and it is backed up for a 10 to 15 minute tee lay and you will be waiting for a it until you make it on to the bridge. it gets better by the time you reach dublin. 880 looks good on fremont. >> let's go to steve. that system needs something to bump it along and that system is coming out of the gulf of alaska. we start off not bad but the last couple of days have been really nice, lots of sun, a few
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mid-70s but that first system will change everything, not a lot. the second system will be colder and that arrives late saturday into early sunday morning. first one will be warm second one will be colder. 30s, 40s and 50s because of a breeze at napa airport. 50s at san francisco. cold for some, not bad for others. our system right there is finally going to make its move. winds will pick up out of the south, and it does latch onto the cloud cover, it may be fast but i doubt there is any precipitation, it is kind of a hit and miss deal. until tomorrow morning. may be a little break here late friday to fright tie night.
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a few light showers saturday evening. and it starts to move into the north bay saturday night and sweeps over sunday morning. and winds again out thette and santa clara valley and in the mountains and you may see a good breeze kicking in later today. more 60s now and cooler by the coast as the pattern changes here. cloudy skies on friday with rain developing and a break saturday night into sunday and here comes your next system clearing out sunday and maybe some light rain tuesday wednesday thursday should be fine. a warning, the holiday season of giving gets underway. >> why are you running away if you are legitimate. what ktvu channel 2 morning news found out about a so called charity. and connection to a so called assault outside a hotel
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. welcome back, police are questioning cat williams. they were called, a man was possibly attacked hit with a bottle in the head and they detained williams for
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questioning. witnesses are surprised williams may be involved. >> he is pretty big time and i know he is doing the show out here, but it is shocking to hear that from a few who has a lot to lose. >> police have not announced any arrests in the case and williams who is a stand up comedy and actor is scheduled to perform at the oracle arena. europe is using the euro for the first time in three years. there have been several protests against awester are you measures including differences with police. because of its single economy, even jeremy is now -- germany is now struggling with greece, portugal and italy. in china they unveiled
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political -- invade political leaders to the world on stage. they are taking over the communist party which has ruled community for -- china for more than 60 years. general david petraeus will make his first appearance since resign as head -- resigning as head of the cia. he is one of the reports in a series on the attack on the u.s. cons sal in benghazi and libya. >> reporter: one gets underway in 45 minutes and house and senate committees are investigating why other agencies and cia did not anticipate or do more to stop the attack that killed four americans including christopher stevens. the acting cia director will say the agency never requested military reinforcements including specialized marines
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during the attack. they are furious about the obama administration's handling of the crisis they say could have been prevented. >> i have said for days, weeks, it is either a coverup or gross incompetence, but maybe a combination of the both. the president of the united states didn't tell the true >> reporter: they have been hearing about the attack and general david petraeus will testify behind closed doors tomorrow exactly one week after he resigned over that extramarital affair. ktvu channel 2 morning news. he rammed his head into the wall of his jail cell. james holmes has since been released. he was supposed to be attending
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a court hearing but it has been moved. admittedly hitting 26-year- old garret gibson in the presidio and then took off. she turned herself in the next day. he is recovering from a major concussion and lost his bike which got stuck on the car's grill. the woman is being charged with felony hit-and-run. time now 6:17 as the holidays approach, organizations are asking for more and more. ktvu channel 2 morning news spent four months checking on a woman who called herself d e.said it was a homeless shelter for battered women. she set up outside of a target in san jose but when we
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approached her, she packed up her lock box and ran away. >> do you feel bad you are collecting under false pretences? if you are legitimate why are you running away. >> now there is a rosily house but it does not solicit money outside of stores. further digging we spoke to one man who was recruited where the donations are split between the solicitor and no money going to the charity. if you want to check on this, click on the special reports tab on our website we are looking into contra costa and we are seeing some slowed traffic on highway 4 especially and as you can see it is also slow in bay point
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and it is also slow in antioch and we are seeing some crowded conditions and we don't have an explanation for it and i am looking at the chp report. we do see a lot of traffic. it is going to be busy and we are up to a 25 minute delay before you make it on to the bridge and if you are driving on the freeway, we are seeing more traffic as you head south on the peninsular it looks good on 101 and we have throat traffic iberville -- slowed traffic. the clouds so far are south of us and they will start to increase later today. morning sun in advance of that system will be here late tomorrow morning and it will be cool to cold to mild, 30s to 50s and there is a big difference and i will show you
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those in a second. clouds turning mild and southerly breeze will pick up. 38 fairfield, napa with and east wind is 51. drop it 10 for san jose, antioch livermore concord, some 30s around there. we have to wait for this system to arrive but the morning osama bin laden goose. that breeze out of the south east. we will be talking about rain. cloudy and rain on friday early into saturday morning and it looks like we will get a break and it should be gone sunday afternoon, monday looks good and maybe some light rain tuesday. the prices we pay for consumer goods, the government reports the cost of shelter
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apartment rents rose 3 / 10th of a percent. and it is slightly up as well as the price of new and used cars. later this morning, which toys may make it into the national toy hall of fame. also coming up... >> good lord. >> i just can't conceive of myself doing anything like that. >> mogul john mcafee is pro
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers...
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of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] . welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news 6:24 closing arguments are scheduled to begin about the san rafael bridge. he is used of killing his ex- girlfriend at the toll plaza three years ago. burres who is representing himself, said quote they should flip a coin whether he should get life in prison or the death penalty. john mcafee is in the central area of belize and they want to request him about his
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neighbor and business owner gregory faull. john mcafee who is a person of interest said he is innocent. he said he is worried the police really just want to catch and kill him. >> beat me soundly until i confess to a multitude of since including the death of jimmy who have that and then execute me. >> he said he did not shoot him but there was a dispute over their dogs. the nominees include little green army men and fisher price rolling popcorn pope, games are also -- popcorn popper, clue, dominic sidewalk chalk, doll tee services. i think i have all of those in
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my house. >> at one point they made it to my house. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. traffic is doing well in many areas, i should say. northbound 280 looks busy but we don't have a lot of crashes which is an encouraging part of the report. and you will see some slowed traffic as we get closer to 101 on 680 let's go to steve. we have 30s, 40s and 50s and it looks like even rain -- clouds on the temperatures overall, if you need to get out, clouds will be the best and we will have more on that in 10 minutes, pam. and a convicted sex offender was found to be at an event but was not arrested.
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we will tell you about the chase that led to multiple crashes this morning. some good news and bad news from the biggest name in retailing, the opening bell up live next.
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. there the opening bell, just letting you know your new york stock exchange, st. jude's hospital, celebrating 50 years, wonderful organization doing treatment, and no family ever pays for their services and they are working around the world. >> just like danny thomas. big news on wal-mart, i was talking good news and bad news and now i want to know.
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we will smile and say good morning it is november 14th, time now 6:30. a suspected drunk driver in trouble she smashed into several parked cars as she tried to get away from parked cars just hours ago. now she is facing several charges and claudine wong said this is not the first time this woman has been in trouble for dui. claudine? >> reporter: no, this is the latest up ten with -- incident with her continuing and you can see there are flares along the street as people make their way to the intersection and the problem? take a look at this. the street lights stopped working and this is a mess.
6:32 am
the crews here just told me at best it will be a few hours before everything comes back on and they have spoken to their folks back at the control center and they have called them to help them because this area will get busy but as you can see it is a mess. let's take you through what happened this morning. it all started on interstate 880 and that was closed and chp was monitoring this site just before 2:00 a.m. they tried to pull her over but she kept going and the first on 15th and natomas what and the second on vanness. chp said the driver hit a parked car and the parked car slid into a man who was walking his bike. fortunately that man is okay and he just suffered a man and
6:33 am
a scrape, let's take you to the second collision after the driver ended up crashing. she was also taken to the hospital to be checked out but she is facing several charges including felony dui, reckless a saiding and enhancement -- reckless avoiding and an enhancement charge which cannot be applied unless the driver has three prior dwi convictions over the last three years and apparently it involves this driver. you are looking at a truck that sits behind a fence and this is the corner where this final crash happened in all of this. again you can see the damage that went to that vehicle as this all came to a violent end.
6:34 am
there will be an issue as traffic speeds upment we will keep you post -- speeds up. we will keep you posted claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. firefighters told ktvu channel 2 morning news the fire may have started with a heater on henry street. it woke up the residents in the building and they realized they were right in the middle of an emergency. >> i got up, grabbed my dog and went outside. >> five other units have broken went does and we are told nobody else was hurt. an antioch man who was shot in the head was murdered. they found a man in the delta pines apartment on sick more
6:35 am
drive shortly after 9:00 last night. police saw what they thought was a homemade bomb in the area where they found the man's body but that item turned out to not be a bomb. israel launched more than 50 air strikes on the gaza strip killing at least ten people including the military commander of hamas. this is video of the commander and it is in response to days of rocket fire in and out of gaza. they killed three people in an apartment building and israeli leaders are prepared to launch a ground invasion. president barack obama will arrive in new york city. they are dealing with the affectings of two major storms. first the president will check
6:36 am
out the recovery effort like he did in new jersey and he will meet with those affected by super storm sandy and that winter storm. governor cuomo will be asking for $30 billion in federal aid to rebuild. back home here in daily city, people are racing trying to beat the rain to sure up a hillside that gave way after a water-main broke. they are making sure the mud is only a temporary fix. city even nears are trying to come up were a permanent solution for this i will side but that may take several weeks. a convicted sex offender was at an -- at an event at an elementary school. and he was not arrested. >> reporter: they are investigating whether a
6:37 am
registered sex offender was truly allowed to be here at st. frances catholic elementary school. 51-year-old mark christopher shown here from the megan's law website was here and a parent register nationed him as a sex offender and he was working security at the event. he told them he had a letter from a church official which stated he could be there. under the penal code if a registered sex offender has a letter, they are allowed to be on school grounds but that is why he was not arrested. >> however our investigators is trying to work on and verifying who exactly drafted this letter and just to make sure its
6:38 am
legitimacy is correct. >> reporter: he was asked to leave the festival by the deputy and we are told he was cooperative. on the megan's law website he was convicted of a lude lewd -- lewd & lascivious conduct on a child under four years old. now we have not been able to get hold of the pastor here however we are planning to try to get hold of him as well as officials at the catholic diocese and cool will be starting in a few hours and we are curious to see if parents have a lot of questions about what happened last month. ktvu channel 2 morning news. some uc berkeley students are planning a rally outside the
6:39 am
university california relation gents -- regents. the uc board postponed the board on raising student fees at the governor's request. it will be tough to find a job right out of college in any economy. coming up, what we are finding out now about the job prospects for next year's college graduates and why it may be really hard if you are graduating with an nba job. sal, you are keeping an eye on contra costa how is it looking? road sensors are picking up to the only in antioch but in bay point and in pleasant hill, it's not fully filled in and between walnut creek and 24th it looks good but it is crowded. we have a log jam as you drive west on interstate 808 and
6:40 am
marin county -- 880 and many county looks good approaching central san rafael. we have a 25 minute delay getting onto the bridge. and if you are driving eastbound, 808 is -- 880 is definitely getting more crowded by the minute. those of you puttering around the house getting ready, that would be you, pam. i mean everybody probably has a high definition television. but it is a gorgeous sunrise. i got this from a man near clayton. steve, i am confused on the rain. well let's set it straight for you. should i take thursday or friday, well i would do it today. we have morning sun then clouds coming in and the nice pattern we had, it was mild and warm
6:41 am
and end tonight. the rain begins tomorrow morning and this is the warmer system coming in. it will bring us some rain and the second system comes in saturday late into early sunday. 30s and 40s and 50s. 38 fairfield 50 in the city. first system with a lot of cloud, higher clouds come in and i will see it by 6:00 a.m. then we get a break in the afternoon and then the next ban comes in friday night and comes into early saturday. then around ten minutes to 2:00 we get a colder system into saturday night which goes into sunday morning. now you know.
6:42 am
winds come out of the south it will be cooler highs in the 60s and temperatures are starting to come down a little bit. a westerly breeze overall a cloudy pattern is developing. a woman fights back after a burglar broke into her house and why she hurt the burglar. they go up in flames and we will tell you why an arsonist is to blame. it is getting crowded over the hill to concord and we will have more coming up, stay tuned. ♪
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under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious.
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. good morning, mostly clear, 40s and 50s increasing clear, we will be talking about rain tomorrow. welcome back, here is a look at some of the top stories we are following right now. his research questioning the reasons gases spiked here in california and that report will be presented at a special hearing in san francisco. west coast refineries had plenty of oil during times when gas prices shot up because of
6:46 am
reported shortages. well an autopsy was scheduled on a body found on the campus. he fell off a hill and fell into a large rock. university police say he was not affiliated with the school. according to ktvu channel 2 morning news, they are questioning well-known cat williams about an alleged a salt inside the cortland marriott on broadway. a man said he was attacked, possibly hit over the head with a bottle. police have not announced any arrests as of yet in connection with this case. the latest fire happened just a few hours ago and tara moriarty is out there in vallejo where investigators are searching. >> reporter: they are at the back of this bar where they
6:47 am
believe the fire actually started. they blow the damage that has plagued the city over the last 6 to 8 months, somebody noticed smoke and fire coming from the lounge just before 3:00 a.m. this morning and luckily nobody was inside at the time. somebody lit a fire outside of the building which is located inside a strip mall. the blaze caused $50,000 in damage and firefighters had to cut a hole in the roof and you can see where it melted pool tables and beer signs. outside agencies are eager to help. >> these are usually set from the exterior but again we have a task force investigating at this time and we will keep you updated. >> reporter: now just three
6:48 am
blocks from here another fire broke out at 8:00 just from an empty house off of alabama street which was outside an empty house by a door. they are seeing it vacant buildings mostly, outside and the only description they have is of somebody wearing a hoodie. they believe an arsonist is starting these fires. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. san rafael police are looking for a man they say may have been stabbed while breaking into a home. two women were inside the home when a man with a knife broke in tuesday night. one woman fought the burglar while the other one called 911. he has substantial facial wounds and may also have been stabbed. a choir-year-old was hit.
6:49 am
police say the child was walking with his mother when he ran out into the street when he was hit. the driver of the van did stop and has cooperated with police. police say the driver was not speeding and will not be facing any charges. well they do help protect your house from catching fire. coming up on mornings on 2 we will tell you what researchers are saying about b.b. d e.s and also why california has some of the highest concentration next year. a michigan state survey finds expected hiring to increase by of% next year.
6:50 am
-- 5% next year. hiring is expected to be down for holders of m-b-a-degrees because they are looking to fill positions with graduates seeking lower salaries. if you are looking for crab or crabcake, it is good news, crab season officially started at midnight. i don't house in crabs will arrive selling for more than 6 bucks a pound. let's check in with sal for traffic. well, if you are hungry for some good news i can give it to you. we have not had a lot of major crashes but we have some slow traffic, northbound 280, you can see some slowing on highway 880 and i will tell you about
6:51 am
the traffic on 101 is looking good as i look at the road sensors there. also looking at the westbound bay bridge, it is back dollars up for a 20 manipulate tee lay. the signal lights are not working because of an overnight wreck. and some slowing in bay point pleasant hill. pleasant hill still looks good and southbound 101 is looking good as well. 30s , 40s and 50s, clouds will be rolling in because of a system right there on its way. it has been sitting here for a while hanging out and finally it is being bumped inland. it is on its way. and into tomorrow after and in.
6:52 am
clear cold and that wind picks up. 30s 40s and 50s. the breeze is at the airport and 50s in oakland and san francisco, san jose 41. cold for some not bad for others. we have some clear weather, things will change but the warm pattern is beginning to fall apart. morning sun then clouds and we will cloud it up by tonight, cooler weather is on its rain into tomorrow. that south breeze in the higher elevations could be the first to notice it. on our five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, cloudy with rain friday and a break saturday around 10:00 to 2:00 and rain comes in early
6:53 am
sunday morning and should should be itment. >> tar fit's she quarter beat them. too many grocery are bringing in more customers and they are spinning more money. -- spending more money. the to you do you this morning -- dow jones industrial average this morning having profits better than expected hurt by the currency which comes from wal-mart and stocks are down, here is your live look at the big board, dow jones industrial average is off $16 per share. right now facebook some is down, trading restrictions he can fired on 8 million shares but not a lot was expected. we have some questions and concerns about a popular energy
6:54 am
drink which could be connected to more than a dozen deaths. the new deal in the works, the outside land festival is bringing in some extra benefits for the city.
6:55 am
6:56 am
. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the food and drug administration has 13 reports
6:57 am
of death which could be thrown a caffeinated -- linked to a caffeinated energy drink. investigators say there is no evidence but in each case it is cited for possible involvement and they continue to investigate. they say the drink is safe when used as directed. hostess said all of their workers will be out of a job if workers do not return to work today. they could file for liquidation tomorrow and if they approve, they could should down as early as tuesday. they have been trying to reorganize their finances but they walked out after pay and benefit cuts. they could have huge benefits for the city and under the proposed contract, it could
6:58 am
be extended for 8 more years. it would also allow up to 10,000 more people to be part of the event. let's check back in with sal for traffic. coming up on m-on 2 including the tall plaza. southbound is busy and if you are driving in contra costa it is very busy, let's go to steve. we will have mostly sunny skiesen increases -- skies, increasing clouds and overnight rain into tomorrow, 60s on the temperatures and more on that coming up on mornings on 2. we have breaking news, crews are on the way, we will have a live report coming from news chopper 2. police blame a suspected
6:59 am
drunk driving. >> plus a stunning disclosure from refineries, how it is directly tied to the sky-high gas prices you have been paying this year. stay right here with us. conds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.

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